Wednesday, February 10, 2016

ELENA 1.9.25 : what's new

The latest release contains several critical bug fixes in the garbage collection algorithm. Currently GC for single thread application looks pretty stable. GC for multi-threading applications is still not 100% operational. It works quite ok for anagram sample (probably the most memory consuming STA program up to date). But chatserver (multi-threading program) crashes. GC is the prime suspect. Lock implementation was fixed as well.

Several critical bug fixes were done for structure fields (#216) and open arguments(#211).

Several samples were ported to Linux platform. It is still behind Windows one. When Linux debugger will be finished, probably the work will be accelerated.

A lot of small enhancements were done for LIB30. There are 100 Rosetta code task implemented for ELENA now. As a result new functionality was introduced in system'routines, extensions packages.

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

ELENA 1.9.25 is out (win32 / linux32)

ELENA 1.9.25 is out

A new release of ELENA programming language is available : 1.9.25

Linux Debian package includes now examples (\home\elena-lang) and LIB30 source code (\usr\local\src\elena).

For windows the path to elenart.dll should be included into PATHS. When the setup file is used it is done automatically.

What's new:

  • ELC
    • binary incompatible due to implementing issues #134 and #136
    • issue #132 : GC hotfix
    • issue #216 : operation with structure fields in stacksafe method
    • issue #211 : Message call sequence with open arguments
    • critical bug fix in lock statement
  • LIB
    • system'routines : enumerable.sequenceEqual[1], indexable.reverse&at[2]
    • system'routines : enumerable.accumulate&with[2]
    • extensions : textwriter.write&args[1,], textwriter.writeLine&args[1,]
    • extensions'text : (literal/wide).toByteArray
    • system : Message.get&literal$
    • system'io : MemoryBuffer
    • #213 : system'MethodNotFoundException provides the message name now
  • Samples
    • linux : anonymrec sample ported
    • linux : aplusb sample ported
    • linux : arraycallback sample ported
    • linux : arithmeticint sample ported
    • linux : arithmmean sample ported
    • linux : arrayconcat sample ported
    • linux : arraymode sample ported
    • linux : arrays sample ported
    • linux : associativearrays sample ported
    • linux : amb sample ported
    • linux : anagram sample ported
    • linux : arithmeval sample ported