Sunday, June 1, 2014

The work in progress : Linux porting

In the current development cycle I started long-awaited porting to Linux.

After some adventures I managed to compile ELC (without a linker and VM client) with GCC 4.8 (I hope to use 4.9. but it is not a part of Ubuntu APT yet so I will wait) on Ubuntu 14.04 x32 platform (when I tried to use Ubuntu 64bit I've got a lot of stupid errors so I decided at least for the moment to use 32bit version).

I've learned hard that Linux is not Windows and have to rearrange my files locations. If for Windows version all files are located in the installed compiler folder in Linux I will distribute my files along the system:

API : \usr\share\elena\lib30
API Source codes : \usr\share\elena\src30
Config files : \etc\elena
Data files : \usr\share\elena

ELENA will be UTF16 system in Linux as well, so it created a lot of additional problems but I do hope I will overcome them.

My plan is followed :
1.9.16 : generate an executable files / compiled modules
1.9.17 : port console samples, ASM2BINX, ECV, SG, OG - first alpha version will be available
1.9.18 : port IDE (without debugger)
1.9.19 : support debugger (second alpha version)

Apart from Linux, I'm continuing the language development - I've added support for generic methods.

To be continued...

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