Wednesday, June 20, 2012

ELENA: work in progress

Some time has passed since my last record so I decided to post on the current work status.

Finally I started efforts to migrate the compiler to Linux platform in hope that it may ignite some interests in the project (though I don't hold my breath, people are conservative). I was asked when Linux version will be available. Though it has a low level priority I do hope to release an alpha version till the end of this year (compiler + console samples). Currently I struggle with finding a right balance between UTF8 (which is Linux default encoding) and UTF16 (which is ELENA engine standard). So it may take some time. Another point of concern is a lack of documentations (I found the same questions more often than the answers) comparing to Windows platform.

I'm in the middle of major changes in ELENA script engine. ELENASM is rewritten and now supports two parsing methods - CF (non-deterministic context-free parser) and LALR. It will be possible to provide the middle layer.

Some changes were made in group objects as well. __action is gone (new group object - __symbol should be used instead) and __batch routine was modified (I will post on it after 1.7.12 release).

I'm finishing the migration from LIB25 to LIB26.

There were some syntax change (#while should be used instead of #loop) and a new #sync statement (to be used in multi-threading programming, though it is still an early alpha). Some IDE debugger bugs are fixed (step over the symbol with a parameter issue).

After a while I decided to stop making "weekly" release and switched back to "monthly" ones (sometimes there were nothing actually to release).

So in general the work is in progress and to be continued :)