Sunday, June 26, 2011

ELENA 1.6.2 released

ELENA 1.6.2 is out now

This release includes alpha version of ELENA script engine, changes in the language syntax, new library lib2(only console samples are migrated).

Starting from 1.6.2 the migration to a new library LIB2 began. At the moment all console and rosetta stone ones are migrated to LIB2

The work on GCX (a revised garbage collection) continues. Young and old generations are introduced.

ELENA Script Engine is introduced. At the moment it is very early alpha version.

Other changes

  • it is possible now to switch to another role inside another one
  • run-time multi-dispatching
  • new argument option: nullable
  • obsolete argument option: norecc
  • #continue is no longer supported
  • new statement: #try
  • some basic byte code optimization rules
  • new compiler options: g0, ox
  • some basic byte code optimization rules

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