Friday, May 27, 2011

"Weekly" release

This is a weekly service release. It contains several major changes in ecodes(complete overhaul of ELENA bytecode opcodes, making this release incompatible with 1.6.1), some changes in group support, multiple dispatching. The migration to LIB2 continues, several samples were moved to it

  • it is possible now to switch to a role inside another one
  • new ecode: snop
  • run-time multi-dispatching
  • obsolete argument option: norecc
  • new argument option: nullable
  • intsum & realsum migrated to lib2
  • binary migrated to lib2
  • new compiler option - g0
  • ecodes are simplified, several big commands are split
  • #continue is no longer supported
  • words migrated to lib2
  • some basic byte code optimization rules
  • new option to turn on / off optimization - ox

You may download it from sourceforge - ELENA

The next several posts will discuss what's new in LIB2 comparing with the LIB

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