Friday, April 22, 2011

Weekly release -

After quite a long period of time I finally made a next release.

This time it includes several major changes in ELENA byte-codes and syntax.

- Several "big" bytecode commands (like redirect and dispatch) are split into smaller ones to reuse existing commands. It means is not binary compatible with previous versions.

- It is possible now to include other symbol namespaces without aliases. I.e. instead of old code:
#define basic'* = std'basic'*.


#var anObject := basic'True.

it is possible to write the following:
#define std'basic'*.


#var anObject := True.

- The simplified syntax to create a group. Compare old code
           #group(events'EHandler, BtmOk) += 
{ on'Click'process = self set &dialog_result:basic'false. }.

with a new one:
           BtmOk~events'EHandler += 
{ on'Click'process = self set &dialog_result:basic'false. }.

- There is a simplified syntax for providing compiler hints:
#method(disp) += anObject

The work on an alternative library (lib2) is started. It will eventually replace the existing one starting from 1.7.0

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