Friday, January 14, 2011

Weekly release: is a snapshot of the work on upcoming major 1.6.0 release. Part of the code was not yet ported to the new platform. Nevertheless it includes all major improvement designed for 1.6.0.

The main change of the coming release is an improved argument syntax. Let's compare -
'program'Output << 
translit'Transliteration::translit'RusLat run:aSource << "%n%n".
'program'Output write &_cyril2lat &literal:aSource << "%n%n".

“&_cyril2lat &literal:aSource” - is called argument signature and allows to reuse the code.
For example we could use the same signature in another method without any change in basic'String code –
basic'String append &_cyril2lat &literal:aSource

In the next posts I will discuss it in details

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