Saturday, December 4, 2010

Weekly release:

What's new since

- changed inline class implementation
- new symbol ext'io'TextReading
- fixed std'basic'memory:bugs with memory operations
- fixed critical bug with long number constant
- new project template - guivm
- new : std'patterns'Validation symbol
- new : sys'groups'StaticBroadCaster
- dynamic symbol loading
- new symbol sys'vm'loader
- drop support of streamable subject
- fixed matrix sample
- enum verb is obsolete, use run
- indexerloop symbol is obsolete - use index
- loop subject is obsolete
- new verb:rewind
- control-evaluate should be used intead of control-run
- control-run / control-rewind repeats the action while the result is true / false
- canvas: possible to select color and font

It is now possible to load dynamically symbols by their name (for vm clients)

Starting with the work on ELENA API refactoring is started. The main focus would be methods named like xx'run and xx'do. At the moment there are too many such names.

As I wrote before ELENA introduces an original concept of method naming. Unlike many other languages the language proposes a formal rule for method naming. The normal method name consists of the subject and the verb. As it appeared there are too many methods with subject which in fact a gerund rather then a noun. So I will rename such methods to make the subjects more resusable. And some form of subject morphology is introduced: [subject]+ing <=>[subject] + for + action (e.g. range and ranging, list and listing).

So bsort sample is changed:
- ctrl'IndexerLoop backwardloop'run &from:aLastIndex &till:0 &for:anArray &action: (a new verb rewind):
- ctrl'IndexIterator ranging'rewind &for:anArray &till:aLastIndex &action
- ctrl'IndexEnum loop'run &for:anArray &action:
- ctrl'IndexEnum listing'run &for:anArray &action:

The subject loop is obsolete ( it is in fact a process rather then an object )

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