Tuesday, October 12, 2010 weekly release

ELENA is out.

The release features a new control - gui'controls'Menu ( look at notepad sample to learn how to use it ).

Several new methods were added:
- std'collections'List
* clear - clears the list;
- win32'controls'edit / win32'controls'memo
* edit'selection'get - returns the edit cursor position and the selection length
* edit'selection'set - sets the edit cursor position and the selection length

For example
#var aPosition := theEdit edit'selection edit'selection'starting. // the cursor position
#var aSelection := theEdit edit'selection edit'selection'length. // the selection length or 0 if the text is not selected.

A #00056 bug is fixed: when the default encoding is unicode there were problems with ansi files

ELENA Project code is moved to gcc4 (it took me some time before I was able to compile the code, I even started to think over moving to MSVS Express)

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