Saturday, September 25, 2010 weekly release

A new weekly version is out now.

After a long delay it is now possible to debug elena vm clients. IDE Project settings were changed. There are three debug modes: disabled, enabled and enabled in vm. To debug vm client the third option should be selected.

The work on upndown, dtcalculator and eldoc samples continues.

I finally fixed the problem with helloworld sample (#00053) (it is shame that it took so many time to find out that I forgot to change the method name from 'do' to 'evaluate').

New symbols: sys'dates'today (theoretically it should return only date without time), ext'patterns'printingln (will print the line and moves the cursor to the new line).

I modified textfile reader implementation. The reader no longer returns trailing %r%n characters.

New methods:
std'patterns'indexenum search'run &from
(e.g ctrl'indexenum search'run &from:a@3 &value:b
- compare with ctrl'indexenum search'run &for:a &value:b)

sts'basic'literalindexer literalinfo'create &till
(e.g a@i literalinfo'create &till:a@j
- compare with a@i literalinfo'create &length:(j - i))

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