Sunday, September 19, 2010

1.5,5,7 weekly release

Several new symbols were added to ELENA API:
sys'io: BinaryFile, NewBinaryFile
ext'text: HexAdapter, EIntFormatter, ELiteralFormatter

BinaryFile and NewBinaryFile are adapters to work with binary files.

#var reader := BinaryFile::"file.dat" reader'get.
#var writer := NewBinaryFile::"newfile.dat" writer'get.

Returned reader and writer support basic reader / writer protocol to work with data.

HexAdapter will allow to convert hexadecimal literal constant to the integer and back:
#var S := ext'text'HexAdapter literal'of:2Dh. // -> "2D"
#var N := ext'text'HexAdapter int'of:S. // -> 2D

The work on upndown example continues. It is now possible to play basic rounds (without joker).

New binary corex.bin will contain an enhanced GC implementation supporting multi-threading.

Some settings were moved from elc.cfg to the specific templates (like console.cfg)

On the next week I will start a debugger redesign (to support elenavm client debugging), continue slow migration to Linux and a lot of other things.

I'm planning to start my first real open architecture application - opencalc.

So that's all for this week

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