Monday, August 2, 2010

ELENA 1.5.5 released

I would like to inform about a new release of ELENA Programming Language.

It took me almost 3 months to finish the work (I actually refactored ELENA library code twice). The changes are everywhere and unfortunately it means that the 1.5.5 is not compatible with 1.5.4 (now I do understand some software firms which do not like to support previous versions :)).

Just short overview of the changes:

1) hints:
Instead of old style compiler hints - #class[...] Edit (Control) - the special keyword has to be used #hint[...] #class Edit (Control)

2) messages:
several messages (actually message verbs) like proceed, continue, ifnotnil are no longer supported, the new ones are evaluate, do, nil'ifnot

3)Multiple dispatching mechanism is refactored and optimized. I will discuss this later in more details.

4) A new type of group object is introduced - #union. I will discuss this later in more details.

5) elena byte codes (ecodes) are redesigned, I continue to optimize the virtual machine command set

6) context'get is no more supported, use instead enum'content'get (for enumerations) or indexer'content'get (for indexers)

7) special type of messages is introduced to simplify passing the multiple parameters to the method (It took me so many years to invent the wheel but I'm quite happy with this implementation).

So instead of - theEdit gui'size'set:gui'Size{ gui'size'Width'get = 200. gui'size'Height'get = 24. } more simplified version could be used - theEdit set &gui'size'width:200 &height:24. I will discuss this later in more details.

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