Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Yet another programming language

Probably every person hearing about a new language asks this question: why yet another programming language? I cannot say about all but me. When I decided 10 years ago to create a new programming language I had several reasons. First of all it was a perfect way to learn C++ (as many Russians I came from Pascal & Delphi world). But most of all I was interested in object-oriented programming. For me it was a perfect chance to learn more about it. I was fascinated with Smalltalk and decided to do something similar. Writing the compiler is a quite challenging task but it cannot be compared with the task of creating a language or a programming paradigm (after all the most valuable things in our world are ideas). So after several attempts to invent / create something original I decided to follow other way: implement something simple and gradually modify it in hope to find something interesting. So step by step the language grew (practically any part of the compiler / language was rewritten / refactored at least several times) and now it has nothing common with the one I decided at the beginning. And though many of its ideas which I thought were original are used in other languages ELENA has its own individuality and style.

So how could I answer on this question? Is ELENA yet another programming language. The answer is not simple. Yes, ELENA may be considered as another amateur language with small source code base and lack of bug tracking functionality. And no, ELENA is a conceptual language. It is designed to examine / prove feasibility of several basic concepts. From the beginning I tried to make the language as dynamic as possible. My ultimate goal is to create the programming systems with truly open architecture, the systems which can be modified / extended in run time, the system where a big number of "simple" objects actively cooperate with each other forming group objects, able to self-modify. Will the language become something more than experimental one? Only time will show. Honestly I have no idea where the language will be in the next several years. One thing I may say definitely - it will be different.

In this blog I will try to show my current ideas and the state where the language is.

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